The ‘Eye Health Talk’ by Mr Lavin

Despite being the size of a large marble the eye is a difficult topic to simplify. The realisation of this is when an eye surgeon says a millimetre is a lot of space. In spite of this on gloriously sunny Monday evening in June, Mr Lavin simplified the topic of the eye in layman’s terms that was thoroughly enjoyed by Albert Road clients and local residents.

Mr Lavin is an eye consultant and by my own admission, consultants can be a bit weary. However, what struck me as a pleasant surprise is how witty and entertaining Mr Lavin was. A simple scenario sums this up. Right before the talk Mr Lavin asked me if we had a laser pointer to use on the evening. I unfortunately hadn’t carried one, so we asked the guys at the venue, The Yard in Alderley Edge, if they had one. They too didn’t have one. No problem he said. ‘See those stars hanging as ornaments on the wall made of large sticks, dismantle it and give me a stick and it will work’. Puzzled the manager at the Yard dismantled the star and voila, Mr Lavin had his pointer. Without a second of hesitation he started what I would class as his perfectly delivered presentation.


Who is Mr Lavin?

Apart from being a cool guy, Mr. Michael Lavin is a consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, having been appointed in 1990. His special interests include the management of complex cataract surgery problems, glaucoma surgery, vitrectomy surgery, and new intravitreal treatments for retinal disease.
The topic of conversation was ‘The effects of ageing on the eye and how to protect them’. Mr Lavin gave the following tips on how to prolong your vision:

1) Stop Ageing

This is impossible but was greeted with a lot of laughter. If anyone has the solution to this please give me a call.

2) Lighting

There has been a lot of talk in the media about lighting. The reality of modern day life is that we use electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones a lot more than we did a generation ago. This has significantly increased light pollution, especially blue light emitted from such devices. Limiting the use of such devices especially in early childhood is important. However in adult life using ‘Crizal Prevencia’ a blue light-protecting lens could help protect eye health. There was a suggestion of using more natural light during night hours by sleeping with the curtains open but there is a small risk of entertaining the neighbours.

3) Diet

What you put in is what you get back out. A balanced diet can preserve your vision for years to come. Certain foods rich in antioxidants can slow down cell degeneration. These are foods that contain natural leutin and Zeaxanthin that give vegetables their distinctive colour. Examples include: Spinach, Kale, Leek, Broccoli, and Red Pepper. A few of the delicious bites that were available at the venue can be seen here:


4) Protection from UV light

We all love the sun but don’t really get much of it in Manchester. However one thing you may be surprised to hear there is still a fair amount of Ultra Violet (UV) light around us. The largest source of UV radiation is the sun and for people who like to be in the garden and outdoors UV protection helps protect your sight. There are two ways to protect your eyes from UV:
– Wear Crizal UV lenses (equivalent to SPF = 10). If you have had some glasses from Albert Road we include this option as standard.
– Wear Sunglasses in the sun. The misconception with sunglasses is that the darker you go, the more protection you get. This just makes it harder for you to see. What sunglasses wearers need is a polarising lens to reduce glare and enhance vision. Pop in to see our ‘Magic Parrot’ for a demonstration.

5) Regular checks

The eye is unlike other parts of the body that hurt when something is wrong. It’s always best to get checked regularly as prevention is better than cure. We recommend checks every 1 to 2 years dependent on your eye care needs.


How can we help?

Until the end of August 2016 we are offering readers a Complimentary Eye Health MOT. This means we will spend 45 mins with you to check your eyes and give you some advice to enhance your eye health.

Will I need glasses?

Not always. Simple lifestyle advice is sufficient. However if you can’t see too well then glasses is a simpler solution to surgery.

What costs are involved?

We offer the best possible solution and tailor our solution to your needs – a personalised service. This makes it difficult to give you an exact price. In addition during the summer our suppliers are supporting us in a complimentary second set of lenses. This means when you buy one set of glasses, you get the lenses in the second set at no charge. A perfect opportunity to get sunglasses or simply another style.

Thanks for reading,