Investing in Technology – An Ultra-Sound of the Eye (OCT)


At Albert Road we have a simple aim: To be the BEST optician in the world! Now I know that seems like a bold claim, but this is a journey that starts with one step at a time.

On our little quest, we decided to invest in TOP of the range eye testing equipment called an OCT – Ocular Coherence Tomography.

During an eye examination the most opticians should look and take a picture of the back of the eye to examine the retina. The retina itself is several layers deep and a photograph (or naked eye) can only see the top layer. An OCT looks into the deeper layers of the retina where certain eye conditions start. By detecting these early, we can help preserve your eyesight going forward.


Who is this for?

  1. People over 40 years young
  2. Family history or concerns about Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macula Degeneration or Diabetes
  3. Anyone seeing floating bits in their eyes
  4. People with visual stress symptoms (headaches /eye aches)


Benefits of having the scan with us:

  • No waiting like in hospital eye departments
  • Immediate results
  • Peace of mind
  • Continuity of care: We can compare future scan results to show you how your eyes are changing.

We are one of the very few opticians in the North West that have the capability of providing such in-depth eye care.


To discuss if this type of technology would benefit you during your eye examination please call us on 01625 885089.