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Lindberg glasses and frames at Station Road in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, Manchester.


Architectural Detailing Blended With Minimalist Poise
The perfect combination of sleek style and wearable comfort.

At Station Road Opticians in Cheadle Hulme, you’re to admire LINDBERG glasses and frames as much as we do.

LINDBERG is eyewear designer very close to our hearts, having specially partnered with them since we first opened our doors back in 2018. We’ve got more 200+ stunning LINBERG frames in our handpicked collection, after all!

Together with our sister practice Albert Road Opticians in Wilmslow, we’re not just fans of LINDBERG for its cult status as a top luxury eyewear brand.

What really hooks us is how each frame perfectly merges sleek, distinctive design with the kind of comfort that makes you forget you’re even wearing them.

Precision. Clean lines. Effortless Danish design.

LINDBERG designer glasses and sunglasses have the distinctive power to elevate your style and make you feel instantly well put together. Slip on a pair, and you’ll nail that sophisticated vibe thanks to their signature minimalist style.

We love how LINDBERG glasses and frames give you an instant touch of classes (without even trying).

Though with LINDBERG, it’s not all just about singular Danish style. Their eyewear is for those who value exceptional design, quality and comfort.  

Based in Aarhus, LINDBERG design and handmake each frame with extraordinary attention to detail in Denmark. As soon as you hold a LINDBERG frame in your hands, you’ll immediately notice the meticulous blend of craftsmanship with functionality. 

Each element of your LINDBERG glasses has been carefully created to catch the eye just as much as serves a purpose, guaranteeing you’re getting nothing but the finest eyewear. 

Comfortable, ultra-lightweight eyewear.

When you put on a pair of LINDBERG glasses, you’ll feel the ultra-lightweight construction, innovatively formed without the use of rivets or screws. (Yes, you read that right. You won’t find any.) 

More than that, you’ll notice the remarkable strength and comfort that from LINDBERG’s commitment to innovation and ingenious engineering.

LINDBERG are all about designer glasses and sunglasses individually crafted with only the highest-quality materials (like titanium). Combined with their cutting-edge approaches to design and production, you’re guaranteed glasses you’ll love to wear for years to come.

Personalise Your LINDBERG Glasses To Match Your Own Unique Style:

Best of all? Every aspect of your LINDBERG glasses is customisable, giving you complete freedom to express your style and personality. 

LINDBERG’s revolutionary approach to customisation offers you over a billion design combination, meaning you’ll get a remarkable pair of glasses no matter your preferences.

Picture this: you can create the perfect personalised glasses you didn’t know you could have!

Choose your colors, size, finishes, nose pads and even more. At Station Road, our eyewear experts are here to guide you in crafting LINDBERG glasses that not only fit your features but also reflect who you are and how you live. 

Take your time to benefit from all the helpful and honest advice you need to design your glasses. Rest assured, you’ll instantly experience every customised feature on screen in 3D detail, so there’s no guessing your creative self-expression.

We think you deserve glasses that are literally ‘made for you’. By the end of your personal eyewear experience at Station Road, you’ll own your ideal pair of stunning LINDBERG glasses.

Exclusive Eyewear Craft At Its Finest: LINDBERG Buffalo Titanium

Experience the unparalleled luxury of exclusive LINDBERG buffalo titanium frames…

Station Road is one of a select group of opticians carrying this prestigious range of LINDBERG frames in the UK, giving you the ultimate combination of natural materials and craftsmanship.

LINDBERG buffalo titanium frames are handmade from layers of ethically sourced buffalo horn, creating an extraordinary set of colours, tones and patterns, each unique to the horn used. 

Plus, their innovative engineering technique also gives your frames noticeable flexibility and strength, letting you feel the quality as well as see it! (No less than 152 in-house processes are used to craft each LINDBERG buffalo titanimum frame.)

At Station Road, we’re particularly fond of buffalo horn glasses for their naturally hypoallergenic properties as well as its beautiful hues, lending them a natural look that complements all skin tones.

Of course, they wouldn’t be LINDBERG frames if they didn’t integrate their signature lightweight titanium and fully adjustable temples and nose bridge. Your frames are crafted using their award-winning design, with no screws or rivets whatsoever.

The horn itself is sourced responsibly, so you can enjoy peace of mind too. It is gathered from domesticated buffalos and would otherwise be wasted.

But don’t just read about these exceptional frames. Come experience these exceptional LINDBERG buffalo titanium glasses firsthand. Our team’s expertise will make sure your journey to finding your perfect luxury glasses is nothing short of extraordinary.


Ready to enjoy the best experience of LINDBERG Eyewear?

Discover the best handpicked selection of LINDBERG glasses and frames in Stockport & Manchester, right here at Station Road Opticians (Cheadle Hulme). 

To find your perfect pair with your very own expert stylist, just get in contact to book your free personal eyewear consult. Call us on 0161 410 0051, send a WhatsApp message to 07591362551, or easily book online.

P.S. Fancy a look at LINDBERG frames from our specially curated collections at Station Road and Albert Road? Scroll on; you’ll find all the links to book your in-person experience again after the gallery. Keen to see more of the eyewear in our collections? We‘ve got plenty to show you.

Outstanding Eyecare,
A Personalised Service and
Feel-Good Glasses You'll Enjoy Wearing

The Glasses You've Always Wanted

Personalised Service Like Never Before

Eyecare & Prescriptions You Can Trust

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Outstanding Eyecare, A Personalised Service and Feel-Good Glasses You'll Enjoy Wearing

The Glasses You've Always Wanted
Personalised Service Like Never Before
Eyecare & Prescriptions You Can Trust
Stay Flexible With Payments
Double Satisfaction Guarantee