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theo Eyewear

Creative, Vibrant Frames That Stand Out From The Crowd
One-of-a-kind eyewear to express your individuality…

Our passion for theo Eyewear is undeniable here at Station Road Opticians (Cheadle Hulme). When it comes to top-notch eyewear designers, theo glasses and frames stand out as our undisputed favorite.

Together with our sister practice, Albert Road Opticians (Wilmslow), we’ve partnered with theo Eyewear for more than a decade now to bring you some of the most distinctive designer glasses and sunglasses on the planet. Because with their original shapes and remarkable colors,  by theo Eyewear glasses and frames are anything but ordinary.

Indeed theo Eyewear design some of the most outstanding, different and eye-catching glasses and frames we’ve ever seen. (And we mean ever.) Their collection features unrivaled frames in extraordinary designs and hues that seriously stun us, every single new release. Talk about the freshest eyewear happiness!

The theo Eyewear story:

Based in Belgium, theo Eyewear has a knack for crafting eyewear that make a statement and turn heads. 

The brand was born back in the 80s when Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet — opticians with their own shop in Antwerp  decided to shake things up and create an eyewear collection unlike any other.

Driven by a desire to break away from conventional styles, they kicked off their trailblazing designs with nothing but a fresh vision. They pioneered the inaugural theo Eyewear frames that would soon put them on the map; innovative eyewear that stands out from the crowd for its original style

Fast forward to today, Wim’s sons now lead the brand. Their family-run brand is celebrated globally for pushing boundaries in eyewear design and quality, and we love sharing their stand-out glasses and frames with you..

Showcase who you really are with boldness and style:

theo Eyewear handmake designer glasses and sunglasses that let you show off the real you with a punch of personality. Picture this: stand-out design elements, quirky contours, inspired artistry, and splashes of vibrant hues. 

These unique glasses aren’t just for seeing better — they’re mood lifters that can brighten your whole day!

Each frame is infused with impressive details and trendsetting character, for you to define & show off your own unique identity. 

Best of all, theo Eyewear give you an array of remarkable options each season. There’s no shortage of variety in their collection. Their forte is delivering a diverse and attentively designed range of eyewear; one that tells a story – about who you are, and about how you want others to see you.

Looking for eyewear made with stand-out handcrafted quality?

Seriously, you’re in for a treat when you first see and hold a theo Eyewear frame in your hands. Theo Eyewear undoubtedly expresses a wearer’s individuality more so than any other brand we know. 

But they’re also backed by exceptional handmade quality. Because for theo Eyewear, crafting your glasses and sunglasses is an art.

Each frame passes through the hands of many skilled workers before it’s ready for you to wear. It’s been designed in carefully designed in Antwerp and crafted in the Jura region of France for a comfortable fit, wearability, and lightweight construction.

And we’ve seen first-hand just how much the design and production teams truly care about delivering you the most beautifully made glasses. From the concept, to the engineering, to the colouring and painting. 

When our friends at Theo Eyewear invited us to visit their Belgian HQ in June 2023, we were honoured to be one of a select few opticians across the UK & Europe to receive a highly coveted invitation. However, even we walked away even more astounded by the depth of passion they have for unique, quality eyewear…

Just ask us about the team member who’s sole role was to meticulously paint theo Eyewear’s ‘Pop Art’ frames by hand with a cotton bud to absolute perfection. Chef’s kiss!

theo Eyewear ticks all the boxes:

theo Eyewear lets you showcase who you really are, with boldness and style.

We’re all about theo Eyewear here at Station Road Opticians, and we get a real kick out of helping you find those one-of-a-kind designer glasses and sunglasses that perfectly match your unique style.

Discover the perfect theo Eyewear glasses and frames that vibe with your style, and trust us, you’ll look as incredible as you feel.


Ready to enjoy the best experience of theo Eyewear?

Discover the best handpicked selection of theo Eyewear glasses and frames in Stockport & Manchester, right here at Station Road Opticians (Cheadle Hulme). 

To find your perfect pair with your very own expert stylist, just get in contact to book your free personal eyewear consult. Call us on 0161 410 0051, send a WhatsApp message to 07591362551, or easily book online.

P.S. Fancy a look at theo Eyewear frames from our specially curated collections at Station Road and Albert Road? Scroll on; you’ll find all the links to book your in-person experience again after the gallery. Keen to see more of the eyewear in our collections? We‘ve got plenty to show you.

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Feel-Good Glasses You'll Enjoy Wearing

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Outstanding Eyecare, A Personalised Service and Feel-Good Glasses You'll Enjoy Wearing

The Glasses You've Always Wanted
Personalised Service Like Never Before
Eyecare & Prescriptions You Can Trust
Stay Flexible With Payments
Double Satisfaction Guarantee

theo Eyewear